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August in the Catskills—a Month for Resilience

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

I didn't suspect at the outset that it wouldn't rain for such a long time. Now as the month draws to a close there is dryness everywhere. Streams are empty. Tree leaves are crisp and fading—rustling in the breeze as if it is autumn. The grass is turning amber in the western Catskill Mountains of New York State.

The lake is a blessing. Even though the water is low, it is still nourishing us with its coolness and with the luxury of jumping into its healing waters on a hot day. “Water is life”, the indigenous peoples say.

Early in August, the mornings were cool and fresh with celestial, radiant, dawn skies, and gentle mists swirling above the water as geese and ducks knowingly made their way from here to there. The fields were damp with dew. Blueberries were abundant beyond imagination.

I appreciate the generosity and nourishment of the plants. There they stand, rooted in one spot, never getting a chance to lie down 🥰, photosynthesizing their little hearts out and nourishing all the rest of us. They give everything away to the creatures of the earth including us.

If you can't wait to see the pictures and videos, please scroll down 🥰.

Now after weeks without significant rain, I can only admire the resiliency of the plants. They've managed to do their allotted duty creating beautiful blossoms, providing habitat to all sorts of creatures, creating abundant fruit—creating seeds to ensure that their knowledge will be passed on for another season. All that they know, all that they must do is stored in their precious, tiny, sparkling seeds, or stored in their roots tucked safely into the earth. So while the leaves wither and fall, their knowledge and purpose is archived for the future.

In an interview with The Guardian, Robin Wall Kimmerer says“Most people don’t really see plants or understand plants or what they give us, so my act of reciprocity is, having been shown plants as gifts, as intelligences other than our own, as these amazing, creative beings – good lord, they can photosynthesize, that still blows my mind! – I want to help them become visible to people. People can’t understand the world as a gift unless someone shows them how it’s a gift.”

Be sure to scroll past the photo grid to enjoy a few videos of our friends. Click on any image to see a larger version and start the slideshow.

A family of Canada Geese sailing northward on a misty Catskill Mountain morning.

Our little apple tree nourishing the deer with windfall apples. It's a bit of a challenge to chew up those apples.

Clover for Breakfast

Cows working stuff out. Jersey cows at Soma Gosala organic dairy. Learn more about compassionate care for cows at the Cows Foundation website.

Cows being nice to each other. Jersey cows at Soma Gosala organic dairy. Learn more about compassionate care for cows at the Cows Foundation website.

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