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Wondrous Winter Wonders

Updated: Mar 16

December 2022 through January 2023. December started with a sudden, surprise deep freeze in the Catskills of the sort one expects in January. Then of course there was a warm spell that felt like spring. But soon enough January was upon us bringing snow and other nameless, frozen forms of water descending from the sky, coating everything in white, creating the most magical of landscapes. Most of these wondrous scenes only lasted a few hours before they disappeared leaving the landscape plain and drab again.

When there was no snow, I searched the landscape for other interesting subjects, finding remarkable abstract patterns in frozen puddles, rich colors and textures in an old tractor, marble-like ice formations in the moss at the side of a rushing stream, and a trailer storage unit glowing brightly in the late afternoon sun. Before the snows returned the mosses and evergreen ferns in the forest shone like neon in the dark landscapes of cloudy days. My favorite find was a box that has been sitting by the side of the road for many months—maybe even years! Finally it had its moment surrounded and full of russet leaves. There's something about point and infinity there that I can't quite explain right now.

Recently, I've started posting "Shorts" on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. These are vertically formatted videos of very short duration. I hope you have a few minutes to follow the link to see them as I was not able to embed them in this page. And while you are there, if you would like to subscribe to my channel so that you can comment:-) you can log in with your gmail account information. Just saying:-)

Click on any image in the grid below to see a larger version and to start the slideshow.

Julia Preminger Photography

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