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Catskill Mountains November Moments

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

November started out with the last of the autumn colors and is ending with unusually early cold temperatures and dustings of snow. Somewhere in the first week there was a series of beautiful mornings with hoar frost covering the trees and plants and a low mist drifting over the the silent surface of our lake. Some of these images are from the same morning that I had my meeting with the deer. This video was taken when the sun was rising across the lake casting a beam of golden light into the fog. Credit to Fesliyan Studios for the background music.

You saw this image in my last post. It was taken at the beginning of my walk down to the lake—an unbelievably beautiful entry into the meadow with frost covering everything, a touch of color remaining in the shrubs, and the first rays of the sun warming the top of the fog over the lake.

This view was at the shore looking to the south. The water was so still, reflecting the forest and sky and that fog!—just can't get over the fog:-).

A few mornings later there was again frost on the dried wildflowers and enough moisture in the air to create this wonderful glow as the rising sun shone through bare-branched trees.

Thanks for reading my ramble. I hope you enjoyed it. I would love it if you would ...

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