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In A Catskills March Wood

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

What do they say about March? It's a time of transition. A time when things start to melt and flow again but colors remain subdued. The days go from balmy to frozen, sunny to icy, with a dash of snow here and there. More trees have fallen in the forest. Fog sometimes turns the sunrise into a spectacular scene framed by the branches of trees like a stained glass window. A pair of Mallards has returned to the streams that are flowing again. Birch bark gleams in the darkness of the forest.

When not wandering in the forest, I dabble in the Upanishads, All good I should hear from the ears, O radiant beings. All good I should see through the eyes, O revered ones. May we, full of praise, with bodies firm of limb, enjoy the span of life given us by God. —Prashna Upanishad (introduction) translated by Katz and Egenes

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