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Catskills in May—Blossoming of Diversity

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The month of May in the Catskills covered an amazing range from the early days, when the only green life in the forest was the moss and conifers, to the luscious display of apple blossoms and bright green leaves filled with light later in the month. Early in the month, the False hellebores exploded from the forest floor displaying pristine, swirling, pleated, bright green leaves. There were dazzling mornings—sunlight shining through transparent leaves and ferns, as well as cool, rainy, moist days when the soaked bark of trees framed the brilliant green leaves and ferns giving the feeling of a stained glass window. Sometimes little treasures like the Pink Ladies Slipper orchid (a North American native plant) were unexpectedly discovered underfoot. Towards the end of the month the apple and crabapple trees put on an opulent show of flowers that attracted bees as well as photographers.

I hope you enjoy this collection of my favorite May photos from this year. Click on the images to see larger versions.

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